Can Poor Circulation Cause Weight Gain?

Can Poor Circulation Cause Weight Gain?

Poor circulation is a result of conditions like PAD, Reynaud’s syndrome, and diabetes. It’s also been linked to obesity and weight gain. Considering that relation, can poor circulation cause weight gain or is it the other way around? Let’s investigate the matter.  

What is Obesity? 

There is more to being obese than just weighing more than you should. According to the Cleveland Clinic, obesity is a serious and chronic condition that can slowly but surely damage your body. These damages can take the form of conditions and complications that can result in serious mortal risk or even death.  

Common Causes of Obesity 

There are plenty of potential causes for obesity, and it’s not necessarily going to be the same for each person. Especially in places like the United States, where according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 35% of women and just over 30% of men are considered obese.  

The most common causes of obesity are as follows: 

  • Poor Diet 
  • Physical Inactivity 
  • Tobacco Abuse 

These ‘causes,’ for anyone suffering from poor circulation (specifically in the lower extremities), are probably very familiar. In other words, the list above is identical to the most common causes of Peripheral Arterial Disease — which is a circulatory condition that targets the legs and feet.  

Can Poor Circulation Cause Weight Gain? 

As mentioned, Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) is a circulatory condition centered around the legs and feet. It’s most likely to occur in patients who have a history of smoking or those who have poor blood pressure or blood sugar levels (things that can be caused by both physical inactivity and a poor diet.)  

That draws up a straightforward connection between obesity and a poor circulatory condition. However, we have yet to answer the actual question. Will poor circulation cause weight gain? At this point, we can say that the opposite is true – weight gain can cause poor circulation.  

However, outside of making it more difficult for you to exercise or perhaps making it more difficult for you to gain muscle, poor circulation should not cause any weight gain. Not substantially, in any case.  

Conclusion — Can Poor Circulation Cause Weight Gain? 

To summarize, whilst there is a correlation between poor circulation and weight gain, said correlation is positive on only one side of the spectrum. Which means, that while obesity can result in poor circulation, the opposite is unlikely to occur. 


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